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What makes Armistead Design, Inc. different?

We strive to provide a seamless turnkey product. Many of our clients desire to tell us what they want in their home, make the necessary changes to the initial design, and return to pick up a completed set of plans. At the final hand-off, our plans are permit ready; and if there are any explanations, or clarifications needed by the building department, Armistead Design, Inc. handles this free-of-charge. It is considered incidental to the overall plan design.

Armistead Design, Inc. has extensive experience taking the difficult projects. Because we started from the ground up in 2004 at the height of the real estate market, Armistead Design, Inc. started off taking the projects that often-times no one else wanted.  Now that Armistead Design, Inc. is established, this experience pays huge dividends in knowledge, wisdom, and insight. We’ve seen just about every possible scenario in Florida residential construction.

Armistead Design, Inc. has designed hundreds upon hundreds of additions. Remodels and Additions can be very tricky to get right.  We recently had an addition/renovation in North Merritt Island that had three extremely unique existing pitches (2 3/4, 4 1/2 , and 3 5/8) all within a 25’x25′ area. We needed to tie in a future addition to the 3 5/8 pitch, and our principle designer caught this in the field measure due the tools, and the years of experience doing additions.

Armistead Design, Inc. has weathered the 2008-2016 recession, staying in business when many other small home design businesses had to close-up shop.  This is largely due to strong relationships.  We treasure the many great relationships we have with a good number of local builders, engineers, craftsman, homeowners, and even other design companies. Need a local builder? We can recommend many.  Many local builders who we know through years of experience will act with honesty and integrity, and will build a beautiful quality product that we are proud to put our name on.

We pride ourselves on listening to our clients. Have you ever gone to the hair stylist, and told them what you want, and then had them ignore it and do a completely different hairstyle? Creative people are notorious for this; and some home designers can be this way too.  We definitely have insight, and wisdom about the many aspects of home design that will or will not work, or look good.  But, we desire to work with you, and translate your needs and wants into a beautiful, functional finished project that will feel like it is exactly what you wanted. We desire to produce a product that we are both happy with.

Our target with each project is the achievement of six individual goals as one. We desire for our customers to be happy, with a house that fits their needs, and budget; as well as a dynamic floor plan that flows, with a great looking final product. Oh, yeah, we’d like to be happy with the final product too! It is the achievement of these six individual goals that we aim for.

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Everything went well with Armistead Design. The home that Scott designed looks beautiful and we look forward to seeing it built.

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2nd Floor Addition Over Garage

Historic Three Story Remodel Addition

CMU-SIPS Hybrid Tiny House

Large Addition with LiDAR

Entry Attached Guest Suite

Large Modern Custom Home

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We are very proud of our portfolio. From totally custom and unique designs for new homes, remodeling your kitchen, to adding a lanai to your backyard, we are sure you will find something you love! 


Client Testimonials

We consider ourselves blessed and thankful to our clients for the kind words they have left us on after we have completed projects with them.

We are acting as Owner Builder for the first time as we build our house. Scott and his staff were instrumental in helping us bring our dream house into reality. He has a gift for seeing the client’s vision, making enhancements which complement their dream, and working with them until all parties have a product they can be proud of. We truly enjoyed working with Armistead Design, Inc. We would highly recommend Scott to anyone in need of a professional building designer.

Brian A.

Scott sat down with us personally to review our ideas on house plans. He was genuinely excited to hear about our plans, gave us some interesting suggestions for using unconventional/non-traditional building methods, and he helped us get our plans ready for review. He also worked closely with the structural engineer to make sure there wouldn't be delays in getting the prints ready. We appreciate his creative thinking, attention to detail, and quick turnaround time. We would highly recommend Armistead Design, Inc.

Becky O.

Scott designed a addition for our home. The addition included a new entrance, foyer, exercise room, master bedroom with a large walk in closet, bathroom, outdoor deck and double car garage. Scott designed the addition so well it looks like it was part of the original house. Scott's professionalism and eye for design not only made for a perfect outcome, but also a pleasurable building experience. We would recommend Scott without reservation.

Jean S.B.

Scott and the team at Armistead Design helped guide me through a massive top-to-bottom renovation of a mid-century Florida dream home. Their expertise in combining design aesthetic with functional utility is greatly appreciated. The team went above and beyond and even helped manage engineering that allowed us to bring the plans to life. Scott's knowledge of local building code, and stellar reputation with the city, is super valuable. This is a company you can trust, and I highly recommended them for any project.

Matthew P.

Scott is the man..Period. We've worked with him many times and I've always been impressed with his architectural field knowledge. We come across a lot of draftsmen and architects who really don't have a full grasp of both design and field mechanics, or better put, how things go together. He's a universal-man kind of guy. Look no further if you're planning a building project.

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