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We strongly believe that a house should be a home, and we believe that home can partly be found in the nuances of the design. Our mission at Armistead Design is to design houses that are truly homes; because, more than being a building, a home is your family’s private place to rest. Your home is your retreat, and we want it to be beautiful.

That’s why we design!

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Being a home designer in Brevard County means building homes that fit not only the area and culture of the neighborhood and town, but also of the individual and their family. Brevard County, FL is a diverse place, and designing homes here is especially unique because you get all the different tastes and style associated with different cultures.

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Find our previous work showcased in our portfolio, where every detail is thoughtfully designed.

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Find our previous work showcased in our portfolio, where every detail is thoughtfully designed.

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J Clifford
Google Review
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I recently did a whole home remodel and the whole project would not have been a success if I had not contacted Armistead Design. Scott was amazing to work. His knowledge, skill and expertise saved me thousands of dollars along with helping make my dream remodel a reality. I would tell anyone thinking about doing any remodeling or design work to start with contacting Scott Armistead.
Emily Brechbill
Google Review
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Scott is great to work with. He helped us find additional contractors and vendors to finish our project. He was able to answer all my additional questions along the way. He was able to come up with practical solutions that my unique home presented. I would highly recommend Scott and his team!
Shaun Nicholson
Google Review
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Worked with Scott to redesign our house during a remodel. The process was great, the plans were spot on and he also put us in touch with an engineer for engineering approval so we could submit the plans as part of our permit. Great company to work with and would recommend them to draw up your plans for remodeling or additions.
Lisa Vanlandingham
Google Review
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Very helpful explaining the process, responses to text, calls and emails were prompt and knowledgeable. Plans received to meet our deadline. Would recommend others to call Armistead Design Inc., we will be calling them for our next project. Thank you for good customer service.

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Scott Armistead

Scott Armistead is the best Home Designer In Brevard County Florida! Growing up in the Florida Keys, and then later in Merritt Island, has deeply instilled a love of the Florida Vernacular style, and local inspiration, and as our principal designer he is the expert on Florida Home Design.

If you’re ready to get started and hire a Brevard County Home Designer to create the home of your dreams, then it’s time to give Armistead Design a call, and our team will take your project to the next level.