Our Stylish Coastal Cottage Homes In Brevard County

one of the amazing coastal cottage homes in brevard county by armistead design

Armistead Design has created several incredible Coastal Cottage homes in Brevard County, and we would love to share the design with you! If you’re looking for a home designer that understands your needs and style, and will work with you to create an incredible home then Armistead Design is the right designer for you! We specialize in creating Brevard County’s finest homes.

What is a coastal cottage like?

Our Coastal Cottages are characterized by their light color palette and open designs. These homes are designed to feel as breathable and fresh as the beach, and they are a surf lover’s dream. Usually, they are right on the water; maybe they feature a pool, but what is certain every time is that when it’s designed by Armistead Design it’s not just a house; it’s a home through and through.

Our advanced design techniques

At Armistead Design we use the industry’s greatest design advancements to create the most accurate representations of home designs and concepts possible. Our team uses advanced LiDAR tools to create fully accurate representations of your home in a 3d environment so that we can show you exactly what you’ll be getting before you ever pay someone to build it and risk costly adjustments at construction time.

Picking coastal cottage homes in Brevard County

If you’ve decided to make that important first step towards designing the home of your dreams- the home to spend the rest of your life in then give us a call today.

We take the time to meet you first to understand exactly what you’re looking for, and then we design a unique home just for you that you’ll be satisfied to spend your forever with, and you’ll be proud to call it yours too!

Call us today!

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