In business since 2004, AD&D has provided design expertise on over 700 residential projects.

Scott Armistead is the Principle Designer here at AD&D. Growing up in the Florida Keys, and then later in Merritt Island, has deeply instilled a love of the Florida Vernacular style, and local inspiration.

Scott is a Certified Professional Building Designer, as granted by the National Council Of Building Designer Certification. His first experiences in Drafting came at Merritt Island High School; and he decided to follow this path through College receiving an A.S. in Drafting and Design Technology.

Scott lives with his wife and five children in Central Brevard County.

Who we are is probably best summed up in the difference between a ‘house,’ and a ‘home.’ We strongly believe that a house should be a home; and, although the dynamic of family is far more important than where you place a wall or a fireplace, nonetheless we believe that the home can also be found in the nuances of the design.