AD&D designed this large scale addition & remodel in 2012.


Highlights include a completely new second floor with river view master bedroom,

a walk-in closet with granite-topped island,

a completely new foyer, laundry room, staircase,

and a beautifully executed master bathroom; you have to see to believe.

The Original House




The Completed House

You will see here how the entryway and old garage were remodeled as part of the design work for the addition,

to create a seamless integration between the two.

The addition of two main exterior elements also aid in this process.

The brackets, which in the case of the original house are structural (to solve the problem of a sagging over-hang) are carried over to the addition,

as well as creating the double gable over the second floor to balance the existing one on the original house.











The Remodeled Entryway

You will note that the arched entryway at the base of the stairs was the front door of the original house.

Everything in the enclosed vaulted foyer was originally outdoor space.

By enclosing this area, and removing some of the rafters, AD&D’s design was able to create the necessary stairwell opening to the second floor addition.





Stairway to second floor addition



Difficult Resolutions

The beautiful and complex ceiling planes created, and added aesthetic

to what could have been a boring utilitarian stairwell.






Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom with it’s beautiful river views,

and the client’s choice of interior furnishings is truly stunning.








Master Bath & Shower

We aren’t sure what we love more about the Master Bathroom:

the layout, the claw-foot tub, or the giant shower!









The Walk-In Closet

The Walk in closet has too many beautiful details to count.

It leaves nothing to be desired.


Walk-In Closet





Your’s Truly,