AD&D designed this house with Charlie Boyd Construction in 2007.


The clients wanted an ultra contemporary home with a curved Polynesian blue tile roof;
facilitating a curvaceous flowing interior layout, and integrating a unique staircase.
The overall design is all about maximizing the water views,
and making the most of the curved waterfront lot.
This award winning (HBCA 2009) home was featured in Spaces Magazine (Sept/Oct 2009 Issue).

Many thanks to Gary Meyer at Central Florida Truss
for all of his insight into this extremely complex roof design.


The staircase starts near the front door and curves to the right, almost 180 degrees
before it curves back to the left where it comes off the wall
to float into the curved 2nd floor hall which also flows into the curve of the back wall.


This creates one clean flowing motion
beginning at he bottom of the stairs and continuing into the second floor landing and hallway.




-Rear Exterior Views-





-The Great Room-
















This is one trick roof!

The Polynesian inspired roof has four pitch breaks;
and the rear of the house is curved,
which causes the slope of the ridgeline.



-Elevation Views-



-Front Views-


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