AD&D Designed this Cocoa Beach Custom Home in 2010.

We had a large influence on the floor plan, the front elevation, and the cupola in particular.

The tropical style fits well in this riverfront neighborhood;

and the large and small details compliment the asymmetrical design nicely.


The Blank Slate



Project Photos




Quality Design

One of the most interesting features of this design

is that the landing at the top of the stairs is actually a bridge.

We find an abstract beauty and elegance to the complex, and asymmetrical framing necessary for this project.



The Completed Project


Experience Matters

To make a house structurally sound should be a given, considering modern building codes, engineering requirements, and permitting.

However, working within a thorough understanding of those codes to create a design that is both beautiful, and thoughtful,

is where expert experience makes all the difference.


The bottom level of the floor plan has been rotated 45° to make the most of the shape of the lot,
the resulting first floor roof has a nice flow into the backyard.