Cocoa Beach Canal Home Addition

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Armistead Design’s Home Remodeling service is a mastered process, using precision technology like LiDAR to guarantee the greatest remodel design. Our designs will fit your home perfectly, and you’ll be able to see in full 3d what your home will look like after the remodel before construction ever begins.

AD&D designed the first floor remodel, and second floor addition for this Cocoa Beach home in 2015.

Of special note is that this was the second remodel/addition that AD&D did for these customers at this property. The customers were so happy with our first design that they used us again a few years later!

This addition is all about making the most of the water views. You will note that the multi-faceted planes of the addition each serve the purpose of providing a unique view of the water. Whether it’s walking up the spiral staircase, sitting in the Master Suite window seat, or walking out of the master bathroom, you are greeted with a water view.

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