AD&D did the design work for this Cocoa Beach Home in 2007  


The addition included to the first floor added: the new entry and foyer, the garage, wine cellar, a laundry room and an elevator.

The second floor addition included a hallway, bathroom, guest room, and in-law suite.

The Remodel working in conjunction with the addition, included blending the foyer with the existing dinning room and kitchen, 

as well as adding a definable front entry.  



The Original House

Here in this picture of the original house you will note that the dolphin gate (which was re-used)

is not in the same location as it’s final position after the Addition.





Project Photos

Here, the new entryway in the bottom left can be seen; as well as the first floor (garage) of the addition being built.





In the image below, the connection between the addition, and the remodeled original house can be seen through the Garage.




Here you can see the second floor of the addition over the garage has reached it’s final stage.

The balcony off the in-law suite gives a nice courtyard effect to the walkway leading to the front entry along the North property line.



The Completed Project

Here is the completed Addition/Remodel as shot almost seven years after the



The re-used dolphin gate opens to a raised walkway which leads to the remodeled front door.




The remodeled front entryway.




The existing master bathroom as remodeled by local craftsman Peter Hain.








A beautiful perspective of the complexities in the roofs, and the juxtaposition of the cedar siding and modern over-hangs.



A nice ceiling tray detail in the new entryway.




This In-law suite on the second floor above the garage

has beautiful natural lighting in the afternoon due to the glass blocks.



The In-law suite bathroom necessitated the use of unique rectangular glass blocks to create a curved shower enclosure.




The custom wine cellar was designed using input from the customer and the parameters given by Wine Cellar Innovations.

It is one of the most unique and beautiful elements of this house.


In the Panorama below, you will note that the addition/remodel starts basically with the tile break (on the right).

Essentially, the the remodel/addition area was done in Spanish tile.




Best Regards,AD&D